The Story of the Neo Silkscreen prints

What is Neo Silkscreen?
July 5, 2021
The Story of the Neo Silkscreen prints

Hidden in the swirling back streets of one of Tokyo’s Lively neighbourhoods one can find a printing studio that makes dreams come true.


Mr Itami is its captain and since 1982, he has been working with renown and upcoming artist such as Yayoi Kusama, Keichi Tanaami, Tadanori Yokoo, Phunk Zhou Chunya, Ji Dachun, Pei Jing, Koo Bon-a, Michael Kagan, Theseus Chan, Excalibur and Kyne, to mention just a few.


Mr Itami does not work for the artist, but more likely collaborates. He listens to their wishes, understands the nature of the artwork and lifts it to a higher level using his own developed printing technique: Neo Silkscreen.

Neo Silkscreen combines several printing techniques such as giclée and silkscreen mixing in various materials like glitter, glass and pearl. It results in very original and powerful prints with a relief. 

For the best results, Mr Itami researches and customized every printing request independently using different materials for the prints fitting the origin of the art work. 


In the coming months we will present  a variety of original limited Neo Silkscreen prints in collaboration with artists such as Takeru Amano, Daijiro Hama, Fantasista Utamaro and others.


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