Sato Gallery was founded in 2016 by Julien Sato and represents an eclectic and unique group of up and coming artists from Japan.


Working in Tokyo's dazzling nightlife from a young ago, Julien Sato brought together up and coming artists such as Ly, Takeru Amano and Fantasista Utamaro in an informal setting. His objective was to give them a stage and maybe more important, to create the sense of community that was lacking in Tokyo at that time.


In 2016, Tokyo was exchanged for Paris and Julien Sato founded Sato Gallery -formerly known as Tokyoiite  - in order to present his artist outside of their home country and to build on a bridge towards the European art-loving community.

Ever since, Sato Gallery has been introducing Japanese artists in Europe organizing shows and participating in art fairs. 


As a regular visitor of his home country Sato is always on the lookout for upcoming artists. Up until today he is closely connected to its underground art community.


Besides Sato Gallery Julien Sato is the co-founder of Sato Creative – where he connects artists to brands and advertising agencies.