• The story of Daijiro Hama

    An interview with Daijiro
    The story of Daijiro Hama

     Shimane prefecture is a magical place full of shrines and with a solid base of ancient legends. Situated in the south of Japan, somewhat above Hiroshima, it is the place where Daijiro Hama (1984) had his yōkai (monsters) fuelled childhood and where he learned about legends that would stick with him forever.

  • The story of Sato Gallery

    An interview with Sato Gallery's founder Julien Sato
    Julien Sato at Ly's studio
    Julien Sato at Ly's studio

    The best ideas arise at night and such was the case with Julien Sato. Working in Tokyo’s dazzling nightlife from a young age, he initiated events where both his passion for art and music could meet...