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  • Almost Transparent Blue

    The exhibition in photos
    Almost Transparent Blue

    September 8th we opened Almost Transparent Blue, an exhibition by Japanese/Venezuelan artist Efrain Vivas Hattori. Here are some photos of the installation! 



  • The Story of Efrain Vivas Hattori

    An interview with Efrain
    The Story of Efrain Vivas Hattori

    We met Efrain Vivas Hattori  (1991) in 2019, on the sofa of a mutual friend in Paris. Late night drinks. He was living in Amsterdam at that time and on a trip. He was acquainted with Daijiro Hama - one of our longtime artists - who was there as well and who had invited him.  

    When he showed us his work, we were touched by the aesthetics and by the wildness of it. We discovered the structure of a map, but we could’t figure if it resembled a mind or a home. He seemed a rough diamond. An eccentric character. Someone we wanted to watch.

  • Sato Gallery opens in Rotterdam!

    Exciting news! Sato Gallery is opening a showroom in Rotterdam! 
    On Friday May 19th, from 16.00 CET we celebrate our new space with the exhibition "Tokyo Ukiyo.e". 


    The exhibition in Photos

    From February 8-18 Sato Gallery presented its first Rotterdam based project: INNER FRIENDS, a duo exhibition featuring the work of French artist Samy San and Japanese artist Daijiro Hama, during Rotterdam Art Week. 


  • The Story of Samy San
  • The Story of Excalibur (Part II)

    The Story of Excalibur (Part II)
  • The Story of Excalibur (Part I)

    An Interview with Yoshinori Tanaka (founder)
    The Story of Excalibur (Part I)

    Yoshinori Tanaka (1978), founder of artist collective EXCALIBUR , was born and raised in Motoise, a part of Japan situated close to the sea. Shintoism has its origins there and is rooted deeper and more profoundly than elsewhere in Japan. 

    Although a lot of Japanese would say that Shintoism is part of them, not many grow up surrounded by its history such as Yoshinori did.

  • The Story of the Neo Silkscreen prints

    What is Neo Silkscreen?
    The Story of the Neo Silkscreen prints

    Hidden in the swirling back streets of one of Tokyo’s lively neighbourhoods one can find a printing studio that makes dreams come true.

  • The Story of Takeru Amano

    An interview with Takeru Amano
    The Story of Takeru Amano

    Takeru Amano (1977) is about 10 years old when he visits an exhibition of Keith Haring in a department store in Tokyo. What he witnesses makes a lasting impression. Haring uses the walls of the store to paint on. So instead of using paper, the young Takeru decides to spray-paint some flowers on the walls of the local swimming pool.

    It marks the beginning of his colourful career.

  • The story of Daijiro Hama

    An interview with Daijiro
    The story of Daijiro Hama

     Shimane prefecture is a magical place full of shrines and with a solid base of ancient legends. Situated in the south of Japan, somewhat above Hiroshima, it is the place where Daijiro Hama (1984) had his yōkai (monsters) fuelled childhood and where he learned about legends that would stick with him forever.

  • The story of Sato Gallery

    An interview with Sato Gallery's founder Julien Sato
    Julien Sato at Ly's studio
    Julien Sato at Ly's studio

    The best ideas arise at night and such was the case with Julien Sato. Working in Tokyo’s dazzling nightlife from a young age, he initiated events where both his passion for art and music could meet...