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February 17, 2023

From February 8-18 Sato Gallery presented its first Rotterdam based project: INNER FRIENDS, a duo exhibition featuring the work of French artist Samy San and Japanese artist Daijiro Hama. The Exhibition took place during and was part of Rotterdam Art Week. 


The Rotterdam exhibition was the first in a series of three. In June the exhibition will travel to Tokyo and in September it will close in Paris.


In Rotterdam the exhibition took place in Oase Rotterdam, an enormous, industrial, multifucnional meeting place run by environmentalist whose mission is to make the world a greener but above all a more beautiful place. 


Taking inspiration from its hosts, the exhibition "INNER FRIENDS" chose to showcases a unique and environmentally conscious approach to scenography.

The concept by design agency Aanpact evolved around the idea of circularity, which was reflected in every aspect of the exhibition's design. The materials used in the scenography were carefully chosen for their ability to be reused and recycled after the exhibition. (For starters into a new office space in Oase) 


Visitors were welcomed into a space filled with circular structures, creating a harmonious and fluid environment. 



Through their "friends," Samy san and Daijiro Hama invite us to consider the complex and multifaceted nature of the inner self.  




Samy San is a plasticien artist based in Paris who uses a wide range of found materials, from plastic to metal and beyond, to create elaborate assemblages that teem with life and personality. His "friends" are more than just creatures - they are reflections of our own inner selves, with each one representing a different aspect of the human experience.





Daijiro Hama

Daijiro Hama, on the other hand, is a painter based in Den Haag who works on canvas, using acrylic gouache to bring his "friends" to life. With a bold and expressive style, Hama creates fantastical worlds and creatures that are both surreal and deeply evocative. His "friends" offer a window into the inner world of the human psyche, inviting us to consider what lies beneath the surface.




Through their "friends," Samy san and Daijiro Hama invite us to consider the complex and multifaceted nature of the inner self. They explore the various facets of the human experience, from the whimsical and fantastical to the deeply philosophical, and invite us to consider the universal themes that connect us all.




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