EXCALIBUR in Phillips Auction with NFT work

In the week of February 14th, EXCALIBUR joins a NFT auction of Phillips

From Monday February 14th, EXCALIBUR participates in an online NFT auction by Phillips called "My Kawaii Valentine" presenting a series of NFT artworks.

The selection includes unique and edition works by ao Katherine Bernhardt, Edgar Plans, Damien Hirst, Mr Doodle, Takashi Murakami, and of course EXCALIBUR.


"I wonder if the moon is not the same moon as the past, I wonder if the spring is not the same spring as the past." - Female ghost from Izutsu

The work is an official collaboration with the DeFi-staked crypto collectibles "Aavegotchi".
Noh is a traditional Japanese performing art, and there is a type of Noh called "Mugen Noh" in which the main character is a ghost. EXCALIBUR has created this work in reference to "Izutsu", which is considered to be one of the masterpieces of Mugen Noh. Izutsu's theme is "unchanging love", and the main character is played as the female ghost who is still waiting for the man (Ariwara no Narihira) she loves even after death. This crypto art overlays the unimaginable evolution of our future society through blockchain technology, and the fundamental human sentiments that remain unchanged even as the eras change.
Noh has an important keyword "Yugen". Yugen is one of the aesthetic principles that form the basis of Japanese culture, and refers to things that are so profound that we can't be measured by human knowledge. This work uses the metaphor of a metaverse played with avatars as a Noh stage played with Noh masks, and predicts the Yugen of the new space.

"Only I haven't changed anything and I still love you." - Ariwara no Narihira (825-880)

February 15, 2022